Oxy-based cleaner for brewing equipment - 0,5 kg can

Item number: 78240500

This modern environmentally friendly cleaner can be used for all lightly soiled brewing utensils. It is perfectly suitable for the final cleaning of brewing equipment, vats and bottles for bottling. About 4 grams can be mixed with one liter of warm water. Rinsing can be largely dispensed with, even if we recommend it.

Can also be used for beer line cleaning.

- 500 g gives up to 125 l application solution
- Contact time: about 3-5 minutes
- Dosage: about 4 g of powder (about 1 teaspoon full) per liter of warm water use

Attention: If the contact time is longer, you can leave harmless white limescale deposits. These can be removed by rinsing, e.g. easily remove with a solution of citric acid.

This cleaner has the same active ingredient as e.g. also Chemipro OXI.

Category: Liquid detergents

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