NELSON SAUVIN Hop pellets 100 gr

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Nelson Sauvin is a triple New Zealand bitter hop that can also be used as an aroma hop. This hop was grown in Hortresearch (NZ) from Smoothcone (NZ) and another male New Zealand hop. It was released in 2000. Because there are no disease problems in New Zealand, the disease resistance of the plant is unknown. Properties: The hop oil is reminiscent of "shredded gooseberries" as they are often used for the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. It also owes its name to this hop. Alpha acids: range: 10 - 14% The hops are currently supplied with an alpha content of 10.6%.

Category: New Zealand hops

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It is used to make bearings, IPA and American Pale Ale. Storage properties: 75 - 85% of the alpha acids are still present after 6 months at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The hop pellets are vacuum packed and chilled for optimal durability.

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