Brewmaster PLUS 20 liters NEW - original from SPEIDEL - model 2021

Item number: 47070-30

Now with a new control system, integrated WLAN module and double jacket as Standard.

The master brewer among brewing systems
Now even newer: This is the #Braumeister PLUS with new brewing control with extensive possibilities and the already known cooling jacket.

The new brewing control brews with your individual recipes and guides you through the brewing process. Recipes can be automatically synchronized or updates can be downloaded. The time and temperature are precisely maintained in all brewing phases (measurement in the pull rod in the middle of the malt). The double jacket welded on at the factory makes previous accessories superfluous and gives you even more freedom when brewing beer. In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not have to stir all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is gently and comfortably circulated. So nothing burns and it does not have to be refilled during the brewing phases. There is an additional drain with a tap on the bottom of the boiler for draining the dirty water, which makes cleaning much easier.

The latest touch-screen control with brewing guide and integrated WiFi for updates and recipe synchronization
Made of stainless steel
Cooling jacket for convenient and hygienic cooling with water
Brewing volume 20 l of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 23 l of wort
Max. Amount of malt 6 kg
Additional floor drain
Note: The cooling by double jacket on the PLUS only works to a very limited extent when using the short malt pipe and only half the amount of wort


1.895,00 €

including 16% VAT. , no shipping costs

Shipping time: 3 - 7 workdays

Beer according to your taste

Whether wheat, Märzen or Altbier: all types of beer can be brewed with the Braumeister PLUS. You will clearly taste the difference in quality between your beer and interchangeable bulk beers.

But be careful: once you get a taste for it, you will ignore uniformity forever. You will then not want to do without natural brewing without pasteurization, good ingredients and the absence of chemical additives.

"I'm excited! Because I didn't have to work with the cooling coil in the cloud cone, there is much less cloud in the beer. Resume: the Braumeister PLUS is a great further development of the concept. "
Axel from Norderstedt



Patented malt pipe technology from bottom to top against gravity for effective and gentle malt washing, therefore no pipelines on the outside of the boiler

Clean, hygienic and effective cooling using a cooling jacket with water on the PLUS (no cooling coil lying around)

Easy cleaning thanks to smooth weld seams, 3D stainless steel surface, additional floor drain and screw-on pump

Service-friendly: All connections to the pump, controller and sensor are screwed or plugged in and can be easily exchanged if necessary

Braumeister remains up-to-date thanks to regular software updates via an integrated WiFi module and accessory extensions that are developed to be compatible with devices that have already been sold

PLUS brewmaster is perfect for the Low Oxygen Brewing (extra accessory)

Control software:
Brewing guide - displays exact quantities and ingredients in the process
Highly accurate temperature measurement
Assistance during the brewing process
Pump breaks can be set flexibly
Integrated wireless module for software updates "over the air" synchronization and recipe
Integrated ingredient database

Timer functions
Optional accessories for auto cooling possible
Integrated fermentation program for fermentation in the Braumeister
In the fermentation program, data from the tilt hydrometer can also be read in

Control hardware:
IP 65 - high water resistance
Touchscreen 5 "
Temperature measurement in the drawbar directly in the malt
Further outputs 24V and CAN for future additions
Wifi and Bluetooth integrated in the control

Actual weight: 19 kg
Heating coil: 2,000 W heating power
Pump: 27 W - adjustable speed
Power connection: 230 V (fuse protection at least 10 A)
Control: fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump)
Max. Amount of malt: 6 kg
Welded cooling jacket
Cooling jacket connections at the rear 1 "AG (2x) incl. Gardena connections
Drain cock ¾ "on the floor as well

Height: 60 cm
Diameter: 40 cm
Carton dimensions: 74 x 60 x 61 cm (length x height x width)

Shipping weight: 24 kg

Shipping weight: 30,00 Kg
Product weight: 24,00 Kg
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