Bottle filler, free-standing model, adjustable, with manometer and CO2 valve

Item number: 76220970

Suitable for reusable glass bottles from 0.2 liters to 1 liter with 26 mm neck. To preserve the beer quality and freshness, simple bottle filling with back pressure!
approx. 65 x 20 x 30 cm (height x width x depth)
Connections: CO2 male thread 3/4 "
beer male thread 5/8"

Supplied without hoses, with safety glasses.
Matching beer connection hose: with nut with 5/8 "G female thread.
Matching CO2 connection hose: with nut with 3/4 "G female thread.

Attention: Only use suitable beer bottles, it is best to use new flip-top bottles.

The operator has to provide for the safety of the system. Shield the bottle when filling. We recommend wearing protective goggles and gloves.


Category: Bottling with back pressure in bottles and kegs

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After connecting the beer line and the CO2 line, the bottle filler is already ready for use.


- Firmly press the bottle filler onto the bottle and add carbon dioxide by opening the red tap (pressurize the bottle with CO2). The carbon dioxide back pressure is set to the right of the pressure relief valve, depending on how much pressure is dissolved in the beer in the keg (often 0.6 bar, for example). If, for example, a hissing sound is heard on the pressure relief valve (with pressure gauge display) when set to 0.6 bar, the beer bottle is pre-stressed with CO2 and the CO2 cock can be closed again.
- Now open the black beer tap and let beer flow into the bottle with slightly higher pressure (about 0.1 bar more). Once the bottle is filled, close the beer tap, raise the filling head and close the bottle.

To operate you will need:
pressure reducer and CO2 bottle as well as beer keg and tap head for the keg (or beer coupling for the cola container) as well as hoses with 3/4 "grommets (external thread) for CO2 and 5/8" connections (external thread) for beer.

Shipping weight: 4,00 Kg
Product weight: 3,00 Kg
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